Welcome to LAMA,
the music framework's website

What is LAMA?

LAMA is a framework that gives you the ability to quickly write new interfaces for music recommender systems.

Its philosophy lets you focus on the recommender's interface and front-end intelligence, letting LAMA do the "dirty" work of finding songs, playing them, and reacting to users' actions. LAMA stands for LAst.fm Musical Amplifier, as it currently uses Last.fm's radio broadcast capabilities. However it was designed to be adaptable to any other music recommender. The frontend part is HTML with flash, and communication with the backend is done using AJAX. The backend is written with PHP, and uses MySQL as database.

Who is LAMA?

LAMA is a project of Nicolas Jones, from EPFL's Human Computer Interaction Group, under the supervision of Dr. Pearl Pu, and developped by Aurélia Rochat, Lucas Mayster et Thomas Girard.

How is LAMA?

LAMA is currently a fully academic project and will stay like that mainly because of legal constraints. LAMA is in no way copyrighted and you are welcome to experiment with it, just get in contact with Nicolas Jones.

Become a tester

We are looking for volunteers who would like to become regular testers of our new interfaces. If you like to discover new systems and listening to music, then this is for you!